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Mom Boobs

Carey Hall is a local artist, wife, and mother of two boys living in Ormewood Park. Her company, MomBoobsCrafts was born out of a spontaneous impulse to create a vagina-shaped felt ornament around November of last year. Now, her practice has expanded to creating ornaments, pennants, and pins of all sorts, as well as teaching local workshops and selling in fairs.

When asked about the boob motif in her work, she explains, “I've been in love with boobs for many years, and did several boob-related projects while in college. In a lot of ways our society keeps female anatomy under wraps. Many people, women included, don't even realize that what we usually call a vagina is actually a vulva. I feel like putting more boobs and vaginas/vulvas out into the world is fun way to promote and open non-sexual conversation.” For every boob pin sold, Carey donates $1 to breast cancer research, though she does not cite this as her reason for making. She says, “it seems like we only talk about female breasts in a sexual way or when they have cancer. Why can't we celebrate boobs and vaginas/vulvas as they are? Well we can and we should!”