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Location: 344 Candler Park Drive, Atlanta, GA 30307

Healium Center

Our fifth OK Spotlight highlights the important work of this proud father-daughter duo, Jim and Haseena Peera! They own and operate The HealiUm Arts Center in Candler Park, Atlanta. The Helium Center serves its community as a sanctuary for art—where anyone and everyone can walk in on Wednesday or Saturday to express themselves in a non-judgmental environment, safe for people of all race, sexual orientation, creed, or artistic ability! “Creative expression in necessary for a healthy society. Art is not only healing but is a gateway into people’s souls. When we are free to create without fear of judgment or recoil, our voices can be heard. It engages minds and brings people together.”

Currently at the center, the Peeras are aiming to collect 100,000 pieces of art to send to the White House by July 4th. The are calling it “The Art of the Heal,” and are asking Atlanta to join them in this nonpartisan, grassroots project, “in a giant display of self and communal expression.”