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It is our absolute pleasure to introduce you to this handsome couple from @ABetterBuzzBrandGoods for our sixth OK Spotlight!

ABETTERBUZZ is an apparel and accessories brand by owner and creative director Buzz Busbee. An integral part of their business is the “Live Bold” initiative in which $1 of every purchase is given back to organizations that fight for our communities, like Lost N Found Youth—a local non-profit that provides permanent housing for homeless LGBTQ youth in Atlanta. Their bold, graphic protest designs speak to some of the current issues brought forth by today’s administration. For example, the “Fresh Air” tee is ABETTERBUZZ’s stance and response to the EPA’s future being in jeopardy, and the “Equality” tee speaks to their stance on all human rights. Handsome and altruistic men that make handsome and altruistic products… @ABetterBuzzBrandGoods makes us swoon!