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Instagram: @amelia_phythian

Amelia Phythian

Our next OK Spotlight artists hails all the way from Manchester, England. The lovely Amelia Phythian's practice speaks to her experiences and struggles as a woman living in the modern world. She says, "my work is heavily process-based, stemming from traditional women’s tasks. I take pride in what may be classed as traditional womenswork, researching methods and techniques of craft to advance them into a contemporary art realm." Her use of rubber allows for a "sense of humor and a skin like quality" to the household items she creates. "They're floppy and flaccid, and speak of sexual malfunctions, and the ridiculousness of intimacies within relationships. The objects themselves talk about a woman’s desire to arrange a home with motifs and decorations, whereas the material choice is a subversive and often uncomfortable nod to my personal understandings of relationships between men and women."

We love her!